Sunday, 29 April 2012


guess who???
its coszy do you know what my favourite thing to do? is yes that thing on every dogs mind thats birds i love to chase birds i chase then till kingdom come. My favorite bird to chase is the magpie they are so fast and their colouration is good to just like all the other birds i chase they all seem to have the same coloured bodies wired  know right.

here's some pics

lots of hugs coszy!!!!!

Home Sweet Home

Hello its huxley a few days ago was one of the best days of my life. It all started two weeks ago when my owner left town for  two weeks and a few days ago i was just sitting  under the four wheeled machine port when one of those four wheeled machine i can't tell you what colour it was because i'm colour blind. Anyway my owner got out of the four wheeled thing and i ran twoward her and she ran toward me and it was like slow motion with the cool music like on that moving screen thing anyway we had the best time together this arfternoon.

Here's some pics of me whating in suspence

 lots of love Huxley

Friday, 6 April 2012

Slow Days

As cozzy was having fun huxley was catching up on her sleeping well she slept for ages so i got a few of her lieing around.

soooo much work being a dog

Hanging Out

Today cozzy had a great day because today she hung out with the kids in our swimming pool unfortunately she didn't like going swimming but she did have alot of fun playing catch with her favourite toy.

also cozzy won a game of TUG OF WAR.  She sooo cheated


Hello everyone, I am the owner of My Canine Companions, but I couldn't get my password to work on that so I made a new account and mad this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Here's some pictures of my dogs, Huxley and Cozzy.